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The Binding of Dirt and Blood

May 15, 2019

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The Goodbye Uniform Ceremony

November 22, 2017

Yesterday, we kicked-off a series of blog posts that will cover five easy steps to transform your wardrobe from a uniform to fashion at any price point.



First step in transforming from in-uniform to in-fashion


But first you have to take off your uniform for the last time.


One way that you can manage your feelings about giving up your daily uniform routine is by creating a little ceremony around it.


Think of an appropriate way that serves your personal feelings about transitioning from uniformed work to civilian attire.


How to create a three-step uniform letting-go ceremony


 Step 1Write one to two sentences on how you feel about taking off your uniform for the last time.


Writing prompt: Taking off my uniform for the last time, I feel_________.  (Insert honest feelings here.)


Step 2 – Slowly and intentionally, fold the pieces of your uniform into a neat stack and place the note with your feelings into a pocket.


Step 3 – Say goodbye to your old—uniformed life as you place the uniform into a box, bag, or both. After you have said farewell.


Now, what you do with the uniform from here is up to you. Some people place it in a chest to be opened in the future to reminisce or share with friends and family. Others bury their old uniforms. Some take them to a fire-pit and set them ablaze.


You might want to conduct this ceremony in private, but some people invite family and close friends, particularly the people who have intimately shared this part of your life.


Keep in mind that they will have some feelings of their own and this would be a good time for you to acknowledge their support for you during the time that you wore these uniforms.


This is your way of closing one door of your life and opening another.


Do what feels right to you.


There is no one right way to retire your uniform--so, be uniquely you in your personal ceremony.

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