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May 15, 2019

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Bravery 101

February 26, 2018

In this masterclass on how to be brave, I'll break down the three steps to being braver in your life.



Step 1 - Be determined to succeed but give yourself permission to fail.


At least I tried


Do you avoid trying something new or challenging yourself because you're afraid of what people will say if you fail?


What's really important is how you'll feel if you don't try.


When you come to the end of your life will you reflect back on how safe you played it?


Will you look back on your life and say to yourself--"I sure did live a safe life."


Or, would you prefer to say that you dared greatly?


Try, fail, and try something new


My wish for you is that you can say that you tried, failed, and got up and tried something else.


The memories that we'll reflect back on when we're too old and worn out to make new ones will be the times when we looked a challenge in the face and said--"Bring it!"


Sometimes the challenge will beat us down like a bully in the schoolyard.


But other times we will stand victorious having overcome a challenge.


Make a determination to succeed


By becoming determined to succeed at whatever you set out to do you're setting an intention toward success. 


And, the universe will align itself to give you your heart's desire.


Or, maybe you will try and not succeed, but you will have grown from the experience.


You'll have small victories to celebrate--like the fact that you tried where others have been too afraid to live that same dream.


Not to mention all of the great lessons that you can take into your next adventure.


Just start with the determination of a winner


Step 2 - Put your intention out into the universe as something that has already come to pass.
When you beg God for what you want or plead to the universe to for what you desire you get exactly what you ask for.


Take these two intentions. They're the same request but one will be effective and the other will not.


"I'm going to start a business that will make $100,000 in the first year. Please, bless my business. Send me a lot of customers. Make me successful. Don't let me fail."


All of this pleading was done from a place of lacking or needing. 


In this scenario you're telling the universe you don't have something--customers, $100,000, and success.


Instead of begging for help from a position of lacking, set your intention toward the positive and be in gratitude for already having received your heart's desire.


How to put the universe to work for you


If you have a dream and want some support from your higher power you have to know how to ask.


Start with a statement rather than a question


"I intend to create X business. It serves customers in the following ways... which has earned me $100,000 in net profit in the first year. I thank you, universe/God for giving me all that I need to succeed."


In this second example, it's more specific, it's in the present tense, and it comes from a place of gratitude for having already realized your dream.


The final step to being braver--handle one challenge


You might be faced with multiple causes for brave action but in any moment you only need to handle one at a time.


Step 3 - Tackle one challenge at a time.



By staying in the moment and focusing on just the single challenge in front of you right now you avoid becoming overwhelmed.


Bravely face that single obstacle, call on your higher power for support, enlist your friends and family, and remember that you are not alone.


We all face difficulties, new things, and scary circumstances.


If while hiking up a mountain, for example, you concentrate on just making it to the next switchback, not to the final summit, it makes the mountain more manageable.


Use this technique in all areas of your life.


Now, get out there and do something brave today.

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