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The Binding of Dirt and Blood

May 15, 2019

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Change - The Way Its Always Done

October 11, 2018

Change the way its always been done


When we think about how we always "do things," it can bring up a lot of fear.

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The fear of change can be overwhelming.


However, the allegory of, 'The Eid Kabsa,' is a simple story I've written to help you to understand why change can be beneficial to your overall happiness.


First, when we continue to do things the way we always have done, without analyzing our behavior, thoughts, or feelings we can become stuck.


As a result of being stuck, we may repeat what we have always done without realizing that we are creating unhappiness for ourselves.


Here is an example of how this might show up in your life.


Noticing when you're stuck


You're frustrated at the end of the month because you overspent your food budget.


However, your spending behavior doesn't change the following month.


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And, you're frustrated about having blown your budget again at month's end.


This behavior goes on for months, years, and decades.


Meanwhile, you haven't examined your spending, changed your behavior, or experienced a different result.


Conversely, with some self-analysis, you could have been well on your way to experiencing a positive change in your budget woes.


In conclusion, you can become stuck when you don't ask yourself:


Does it still serve me to spend money on food the way I always have?


The benefit of self-analysis


When we do some self-help, self-reflection, and self-analysis we:


  1. Think about how we are doing things.

  2. Ask ourselves if it would help if we changed a behavior.

  3. We think about whether or not the way we have always done things still serves what we desire in our lives.


Based on the Christmas roast story


I remember a story about a Christmas pot-roast.