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The Binding of Dirt and Blood

May 15, 2019

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Three Steps to a Big Life

October 1, 2018

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In my New Normal Big Life journey, I decided that in addition to becoming a ghostwriter, author, transformational speaker, and blogger I wanted to be a journalist.


Breaking into journalism is not an easy task for anyone--but especially not for someone without a degree in journalism. This time, my MBA was useless at furthering my career aspirations.



I would need to marshal all of my resources if I was going to make my journalistic dreams come true.


Just like all of the other aspects of my #NewNormalBigLife since moving to Colorado eight months prior I took the steps to create the big life I desired.


 Three easy steps to manifest your best life


Step 1 - Envision what you desire.


I envisioned myself working at a magazine, the sort of projects that I would work on, and I saw myself in the new job.


Step 2 - Be in gratitude for what you already have.

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I meditated, chanted, and prayed in gratitude for the opportunity to work as a freelance writer at a magazine.


I was intentional about my spiritual practice and I remained in gratitude. I didn't come from a place of begging God, the Universe, or the Creator for what I desired. I thanked the universe for the gratitude that I was feeling now for the good fortune of a freelance writing position at a magazine in the future. I made this a part of my daily spiritual practice for one week.


Step 3- Brave rejection.


I told a friend I wanted a job at a magazine. She had a connection who might be able to tell me how to break into the magazine business.

My friend used her network to help me build my magazine business contacts. The fifteen-minute meeting on how to become a magazine contributor turned into a job interview and resulted in my dream come true.


Manifest a big life


Manifest a big life by:

  1. Setting your intention with gratitude in the present.

  2. Showing up prepared for the life you want.

  3. Seizing an opportunity to shine.


Today, I am a regular Contributor at Culturs International magazine. Check out this recent article.

















I had the pleasure of interviewing Interculturalist--Mishell Hernandez about her exciting job in Shanghai, China. Mishell is a Cross-Cultural Kid (CCK), Immigrant, Expatriate, Third Culture Adult (TCA) and Interculturalist. Read her story and learn about her career as an interculturalist.












Photo by Unknown Source