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CNM - A different way to create relaitonships

Is consensual non-monogamy (CNM) a more evolved way to create romantic relationships?

This is the question we will tackle in this new blog series on relationships.

I’m Antoinette Toscano, author, transformational speaker, blogger at New Normal Big Life Blog, and contributor at Culturs magazine.

I’m starting a new series here on my New Normal Big Life Blog, my YouTube

channel, and a happiness column at Culturs magazine. My new discussion topic is on relationships in general, consensual non-monogamous relationships specifically.

Find your polyamory and CNM tribe

For those of you in the polyamory and consensual non-monogamy (CNM) community, we will have videos and articles on how to do polyamory and consensual non-monogamy right—and the first lesson you’ll learn is there is no right way to be poly.​

You can custom create relationships that are uniquely your own.

We provide some guidance and a community to help you bypass some of the pitfalls that we know you’ll face eventually.

This content will be co-created by your questions and comments on the New Normal Big Life Blog and on YouTube.

Regardless of your relationship structure, you may learn something that will improve all of our relationships—not only the romantic ones​

So, get connected by subscribing to the New Normal Big Life Blog to be notified when new content, upcoming interviews, events and more are announced.​

I look forward to helping you create the best romantic relationships of your life. And, I promise you this--I will be completely transparent about my romantic life.​

How I'm dating like a boss at 50

You see, after my divorce and overhearing the conversation of a young woman in a coffee shop I began exploring if a polyamory or a consensual non-monogamy sexual orientation was the right choice for me.

This self-examination leads me—a fifty-year-old woman, to dating five men from ages twenty-six to fifty-five in the hopes of finding a life-partner and maybe a few boyfriends too out of these five—or more, consensual relationships.

I've discovered what I believe is a more evolved way of looking for love, finding it, and maintaining healthy and happy romantic relationships—consensual non-monogamous or monogamous relationships.

I am sharing my journey in the hopes that it will help others to create the kind of love-life and intimate relationships they never imagined possible.

Don’t miss out, get connected by subscribing to New Normal Big Life Blog today, and send me your questions.

Monogamy is not for everyone

Monogamy is not working for everyone. There is a perceived lack of an alternative in our mononormative society. We tend to think if we don’t find that one person who can satisfy all of our emotional and physical wants and needs in order to remain monogamous we have to compromise our wants and needs.

There is an alternative--Consensual non-monogamy. Consensual non-monogamy refers to romantic relations in which all partners agree to engage in sexual, romantic and/or emotional relationships with others.

Everyone involved gives consent.

4% - 5% of Americans choose consensual non-monogamy

In consensual non-monogamy, each day, you’re making the choice to be with your partner.

Not because of a marriage certificate but because you are choosing this person day-by-day. Consensual Non-Monogamy is not a replacement for monogamy it is another option.​

This blog segment and YouTube video series are not just for those in or considering a non-monogamous relationship.

It’s for asexual people, monogamous people, and for those who want to understand and support friends and loved ones in the polyamory and consensual non-monogamy community.

These videos and blog articles will include content and interviews with researchers, community leaders, and human beings just like you. We’ll cover topics on autonomy, communication, how to listen, safer sex practices, and these are just a few examples.

Subscribe today and broaden your relationship options, language, and practices.

See you next Friday for another weekly installment of polyamory and consensual non-monogamy.​

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