4-Hours to Live

Memoir of a Female Soldier 

4-Hours to Live Memoir of a Female Soldier. In this memoir, a Gulf War era soldier unravels before our eyes as a result of post-traumatic stress.


We see how Antoinette, a little American girl given up for adoption at birth by an undocumented Jamaican mother, makes the choice to serve her country.


After serving she sets out on a great post-military career until her life derails.


The veteran works her way back from trauma and finds love again with Mexico-born, Miguel, and healing in some unusual places with the help of her service dog Phoebe, as our veteran—Antoinette battles to create a new normal.

Morena is a romance-memoir with a side of cultural comedy. An unlikely couple meets, fall in love, and hilariously blend two very different lifestyles and cultures to make one big, crazy, happy Mexican and American family. 

Miguel, a Mexico-born, construction worker, meets Antoinette, a Jamaican-American corporate executive in a Latin dance class just as her life is coming apart at the seams. You will laugh until you cry as Miguel and Antoinette try to mix cultures to make the relationship work. Find out if love does conquer all.

Morena de mi Corazon—Morena gets its title from a Mexican nickname. Mexican culture is one in which a person's nickname is often an obvious trait. A very thin person might be nicknamed Wesos or Bones. A person with beautiful eyes would be called Ojos or Eyes. Brown-skinned Antoinette is affectionately called “Morena.” But, to her sweet husband Miguel, she is the brown girl of his heart, “La Morena de mi Corazon.” 


de mi Corazon

Antoinette Lee Toscano

Antoinette Lee Toscano

In The Others, Two lovers caught in a world cloaked in fear and nationalism must traverse through space and time in the hopes of being reunited with the one they love. It will take a mystical shift to allow the lovers to reunite through changing their karma. Without a change in their life condition, a reunion is impossible.







Antoinette Lee Toscano

In Finding Phoebe - Memoir of a Service Dog and Handler, a Veteran’s Administration doctor suggests that a patient might benefit from having a service dog, the veteran begins a long and difficult process of selecting a rescue to become her service dog.


Along the way, both she and her dog Phoebe are saved. Phoebe narrowly escapes going to the kennel, after being found in a ditch on a country road. We follow Phoebe from newly rescued and nearly wild, to an amazing canine member of Antoinette's health care team, and beloved member of the family.

Leaving the Religion of My Birth is a journey of faith and healing. Many people are born into their family's faith and have little choice in determining what they believe, even into adulthood. When an Army veteran decides to examine her faith something funny and miraculous happens along the way. According to Veterans Administration statistics, twenty-three veterans commit suicide every day in the United States—Antoinette was nearly one of them until, through faith, she ended her suffering without ending her own life.



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