In-Uniform to In-Fashion in 5 Easy Steps

Whether you’ve worn scrubs, coveralls, a three-piece-suit, or a military uniform to work every day for several years, a change in work can mean dumping your uniform for civilian or a more relaxed attire.

For some people that can be very liberating.

For others, it can be anxiety provoking.

Fear not. I’ve got you covered.

In this blog post, I’ll set you up with five easy steps to transforming your wardrobe from a series of uniforms to fashion that fits your lifestyle and budget.

I’ll show you how to dress like a boss—on a budget.

Or not

Life after uniformed service

After eleven years of Army service, my feelings about taking off my uniform for good was— “I will never wear green again in my life!”

I loved serving my country, but I was tired of olive drab, forest, and mint-green and the white medical personnel uniform by the end of my service and was looking forward to wearing bright colored clothing.

As much as I wanted to take off my uniform I still had mixed feelings about letting go of it and I handled it all wrong.

I allowed someone else to tell me what I should do with my uniforms and regret it still to this day.

Mainly because the decision was not my own.

But also because I did not close that chapter in my life in a way that was meaningful and respectful to me as an individual.

What I suggest to you is to be intentional about how you leave uniformed life by creating a private ceremony around it.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for Step 1 of going from in-uniform to in-fashion, and to learn how to make a quick and simple letting-go ceremony for your uniform--or anything else you might need to let go.

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