Dream Big and Have it All

We all dream of a certain kind of life.

Some want to live like a boss in a fleek, downtown condo.

For others, it might be a quiet little home out in the country.

Maybe you dream of living a happy life with your family--the perfect partner by your side.

What to do when your real-life sucks

Three years ago, when my life consisted of nine-hundred square feet--the size of my apartment, and I found it hard to want to go on living, you couldn't have convinced me that I would ever have a big life again.

I saw my world getting smaller and smaller as I allowed depression, anxiety, and PTSD to steal my life.

Then I got smart and realized that I was allowing this to happen and could stop my life from shrinking at any time.

I became determined to live a big life again and turned the fear, fatigue, pain, and suffering of depression, anxiety, and PTSD around--And you can too!

If you're ready.

Ask yourself--am I:

Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

Feel like you're wasting your life?

Don't want to feel angry or scared anymore?

Want to hold on to the relationships you have with friends and family, or to find love again?

Want to pursue your life's work or just financially contribute to your household?

You have come to the right place for help.

Realizing it's time to change is the first step to healing

By reading this blog you've taken the first step toward healing, recovery, and getting back to whatever you define as a "normal" life.

A life where you're really living-not just existing.

Living in anxious times

Humans are meant to experience the fullness of life.

Its ups and its downs, the adventures that make your blood rush, and the quiet solitude of watching a leaf or a single snowflake fall to the ground.

Chances are if you're wrestling with a mood disorder or mental illness, or another of life's challenges your life has not been full of these experiences in a long while-but you can change all of that starting today!

Motivate yourself to live a big life

Still not convinced?

Well, if you're not motivated to transform your life for yourself then do it for someone that you love.

Motivational meditation

Picture your loved one's face.

Maybe it is your child, your parent, your partner, a good friend, or even a therapist who has been there for you.

See their face light up when you walk in the room.

Picture the two of you sharing a laugh or a hug.

Now hear yourself respond to this question?

"So, how are things going, how do you feel?"

Hear yourself say, with a big smile on your face- "I feel good. I feel really good."

Now, watch a broad smile overtake their face as the two of you laugh together again, shake hands, or hug it out.

Sit with that feeling of knowing that you are experiencing happiness.

You are hopeful and excited about your future.

This could be your real experience--if you're willing to work for it.

Come back tomorrow for another installment in this series of posts dedicated to helping you take back your happiness

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