When Feeling Blah on Monday is More Than Monday Blues

3 strategies for coping with depression today

After starting my day feeling like I just wanted to stay in bed and cry for the next 24-48 hours this is what I did to shake off depression and have a productive day.

Did your day start like mine?

It’s Monday, you woke feeling angry, tired, and on the edge of tears just thinking about your day.

Since you follow my blog you know that making a plan at the end of each day sets you up for creating a productive and less stressful next day.

Only, somehow having a plan for today didn’t take away those feelings that you have of being overwhelmed before your day even begins.

Then here it comes—the catastrophe wave

You know the one. Where you start catastrophizing about all of the things that could possibly go wrong today and how underprepared you’ll be to handle it all and

Wait a minute.

Is it only me and just how my day started off?

I don’t think so because 3.3 million Americans struggle with depression but there is hope!

3 steps to beat depression in 5-minutes

Step 1 Be in gratitude.

Before letting your mind ride the catastrophe wave take a moment to close your eyes and not only acknowledge, but visualize the non-monetary things that you feel grateful for.

Step 2 Nourish your body.

Down 8 ounces or more of water. Chase, it with a green smoothie. Throw as many green vegetables, and bright colored fruits and vegetables as you can into a blender or juicer. Add a couple of ice cubes or frozen fruit and nourish your body.

Step 3 Give yourself permission to do less.

Select your “must complete” items from your task list for today and only focus on those two or three tasks.

Try to limit distractions and interruptions because you might be more easily irritated today.

Give yourself the okay to slow down your work pace today.

Playing soothing music and taking time for breaks and lunch away from your work will also help to keep your stress level low.

Finally—remember to breathe.

Focus on your breathing 2-3 times today to destress quickly while staying productive.

Let me know if it works!

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