Here's a life hack for anyone who is caregiver to a loved one

⎫ Take some time out each day where you have some undisturbed time to yourself to just relax. If it is breathing, not bleeding, and nothing is on fire, it can wait—even if it is crying.

⎫ Develop the healthy habits for yourself that are listed in this book.

⎫ Ask for help from mental health organizations, government agencies, family and friends, or non-profit agencies.

The forgotten - Veterans caring for veterans

Taking care of yourself is as important as taking care of your loved one with PTSD.

One of the areas that I feel gets very little attention is the struggles of the person who is a patient caring for another patient, or a veteran caring for their spouse or partner who is also a veteran.

When I was the caregiver to my former husband, a U.S. Army Veteran, health care professionals and family members often forgot that not only was I a veteran too, but that I also had serious medical conditions.

Yet, for many years I could not afford to be sick or to address my own health care needs because I was the caregiver to a veteran who needed me to take care of all of his health and household needs.

The result was that I became very sick and it contributed to the end of our marriage.

I would like to hear from other veterans who are in this situation. What choices did you have to make?

I want to hear from you caregivers and loved ones of a person struggling with mental illness, PTSD, or recovering from a physical or emotional trauma. I especially want to hear from anyone who has found their way to their own recovery—and new normal. This is a safe community in which to share your story.

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