Two Tips to Gently Start Your Day

My biggest challenge to starting the day

As someone who is challenged by anxiety, depression, and PTSD is to not feel so overwhelmed that I become exhausted by the prospect of even getting out of bed in the morning.

Avoid the inertia of depression - Keep it moving!

To set myself up for having a happy and productive day I take two simple actions that give me the push I need to get up and get going.

Tip # 1 - Before going to bed I write, well type, but if you prefer paper and pen do what feels right to you, my three most important goals for the coming day.

This gives me a short list that I can check off and feel good about as I move through my day.

When my mental to-do-list starts to grow as the day goes on I can become overwhelmed and that can quickly lead to mental fatigue, which brings along its best friend--physical fatigue.

To avoid this, when I start to feel overwhelmed by all of the things that I think I need to accomplish in a single day I can refer back to my three goals for the day and remind mind myself that these are the only "must-do" items on my list today.

When you are creating your list give yourself the opportunity to adjust your three goals for the day. As your day progresses more urgent tasks might bump one of your original to-do items off the list, and that's okay, don't make your goal list set in stone.

Tip # 2 - After getting out of bed I do a quick head to toe stretch with some deep breaths and set my intention for the day while I'm doing this.

An example of what I might say to set my intention is, "I will create a good day today."

Notice the active voice in my intention--I am calling into existence what I want for my day and recognizing that it is within my control with the help and cooperation of the universe which will rally around me to give me my heart's desire, in this case, a good day today.

These two simple tricks to starting your day in a gentle way are your springboard for creating a great day!

Power up your morning routine

For more tips on how to start your day off on a positive note, check out this article from the National Alliance On Mental Illness (NAMI) by Laura Greenstein - 'The Power of a Morning Routine'.

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