Social Media and Good Mental Health

I'm not prepared to deprive myself of anything for more than a few weeks or a month at a time—I like what I like.

I’m making a strong effort to make healthy food choices on a daily basis—occasionally eating things that I enjoy that should only be eaten in moderation and balancing it all with exercise, vitamins, and supplements.

Permission not to be perfect

I’ve given myself permission to not be “perfect”—or even nearly perfect.

And that’s a healthier attitude than beating myself up for not having a clean diet 365-days a year.

Some people can eat just the right portion size, avoid foods that can harm the body, and maintain the same waist-size they had in high school—I’m not that girl.

But, I can still fireman carry an adult man off the side of a mountain.

This girl's ready for the zombie apocalypse

A few years ago, I needed to prove to my husband that he would be safe if just the two of us went to a remote mountain spot with my service dog.

I proved that I could take care of him “in the wild” by demonstrating my skills with a gun, a bow, and a knife.

Then I carried him on my back for 200-feet without resting, and let him quiz me on how to treat various illness and injuries with limited medical supplies. Finally, he re-watched videos of me whitewater kayaking and watched as I swam one-mile in the pool.

“Yes, mi Amor, you are married to a unicorn”—a black-woman who loves the outdoors, I said.

He agreed and we went camping. I tell you this story as a lesson to apply to your own life.

We can appreciate other people’s gifts and dedication to fitness and an “ideal” physique while appreciating our own talents—as in my outdoor survival skills.

Who’s ready for the zombie apocalypse? This girl is! In the American culture especially, we get very caught up in comparing ourselves to other people.

Figure out what your gifts are and remind yourself of them when you’re feeling like you don’t measure up.

People don’t post photos of themselves on social media when they aren’t looking their best, feeling their best, or having a great time so don’t measure your life by what you think is taking place in another person’s life—no one knows another person’s inner thoughts and insecurities or what happens behind their closed doors.

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