Sleep Away Depression and Anxiety

Eating a clean diet that supports what your body needs—and a nutritionist and herbalist can help you to figure this out—is an important component to good health. Another overlooked piece of the health puzzle is sleep.

My sleep is disturbed by an inability to feel sleepy, not being able to stay asleep after falling asleep, and nightmares and night terrors, so this is an area that’s very difficult for me to manage.

However, here is what I do to try to ensure that I get adequate sleep.

6 Life hacks for better sleep and less depression and anxiety

  1. I do not have a television in my bedroom.

  2. I place my electronic devices on “do not disturb” and “overnight” modes so that only calls/texts from a few people that I chose carefully not to abuse this, will come in to my phone and smartwatch and disrupt my sleep.

  3. I drink a lot of water throughout the day and in the hour before I go to sleep, and take a bio-break right before getting into bed.

  4. I do not watch or listen to anything too exciting, violent, or thought provoking before sleep. Instead, I wind-down with a mantra recorded in my own voice that affirms my goals and the life that I desire to create for myself. I allow the mantra to play while I fall asleep.

  5. I sometimes also color a mandala or do a Sudoku puzzle.

  6. I take melatonin—an herbal sleep aid that makes me drowsy without making me feel sleepy the next day.

If I wake up—which I do a few times every night, I use new age or meditation music to focus my attention and breathing on relaxation.

This helps me to fall asleep again. I don’t beat myself up if I get a poor night’s sleep. I know that I’ve done all that I can to foster restorative sleep and I just try again the next night, but when I do get a good night sleep it allows me to have a productive day.

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