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May 15, 2019

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August 24, 2017

There are three ways that you can remain relevant and valuable to your employer when you require workplace accommodations.


I caution you to do these things in private with only you and your manager present in most cases.


t keeps phrases like "suck-up" out of your colleague's mouths.


They don't know that you are only working hard at keeping your job, to them it may seem like brown-nosing.



1-    When your health allows it go above and beyond and make sure your manager knows it. Let your manager see you arriving early and staying late.


2-    During your performance reviews bring in a report that shows your time away from the office during work hours and the dates, times, and tasks accomplished when you made up the time.


3-    Don’t be shy about asking your manager how you’re doing, outside of performance evaluations. If they don’t bring up your workplace accommodations you should.


Assuming that no complaint is a good sign that the accommodations are working for you and your employer is not a wise move. In my experience managers will only mention that accommodating you is a challenge when they have already decided that it’s not working out.

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