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The Binding of Dirt and Blood

May 15, 2019

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Good News About Mental Illness in America

September 27, 2017

When you get a mood disorder or mental illness diagnosis you can feel alone and isolated but you shouldn't.

If you're managing a mood disorder you're in good company



We have many examples of great achievers from history who lived with mental illness.


Did you know these people successfully managed a mood disorder and stellar life achievement?


  • U. S. President Abraham Lincoln

  • U. S. President Theodore Roosevelt

  • Leader of the Indian Independence Movement Mahatma Gandhi

  • British Prime Minister Winston Churchill

  • The most decorated soldier in World War II Audie Murphy

  • Mexican Painter Frida Kahlo

  • Author Virginia Woolf

  • Author Antoinette Lee Toscano

  • Singer/Musician/Painter Syd Barrett

  • Journalist Mike Wallace

  • Singer-Songwriter Nina Simone


Four steps to managing mental health better


1 - Follow your doctor's advice on treating your specific condition

2 - Take care of your overall health

3 - Create a network of people who care about you

4 - Find something to do-to focus your energy on


 A hobby, career, school, or volunteer-activities you can create your #NewNormalBigLife.


A hobby, career, school, or volunteer activities can fast-track you to create your #NewNormalBigLife.


Everybody's going through a challenge these days


Everybody's going through something-your something just happens to be mental illness.


No stigma or shame in that-take it from me because I'm challenged by a mood disorder too.


Find out how I live a big live with mental illness in my new book:

Create Your New Normal - Make a Big Life


Get a free copy today by subscribing to my blog-New Normal - Big Life.



Get your free e-book: Create Your New Normal - Make a Big Life.


Need more proof you're not alone with mental illness?


Click to download PDF version of the NAMI Mental Health Facts in America