Be the Person You Know You Already Are

Here's to you--Cheers

I want to congratulate you on achieving your goal of becoming the person you always knew you were. The world has been waiting for you to shine and to present us your gifts.

Your gift of teaching our children.

Your gift of natural healing.

Your gift of curing cancer.

Your gift of raising terrific human beings.

Your gift of building the next video game that's going to keep me up at night. If you need inspiration, I'd like to play--The Game of Thrones on Xbox, please. Oh-my-goodness, I'm bouncing in my office chair just thinking about it.

But wait.

Who is celebrating your greatness?

In actuality, no one is celebrating you are they? No one is cheering you on. In fact, all that you're hearing is why can't you just? If only you would....

Don't let it get to you. You haven't been able to achieve your personal level of greatness because you're telling yourself a story that doesn't serve you. In fact, it's a story that you may not have even made up yourself.

Maybe it's a story that society curated for you when they say "people like you are...."

Perhaps your parents started it when they labeled you "the bad one."

Or, it could be one that you developed for yourself.

Let your story serve your dreams

Our stories can cause us to stand in our own way and to sabotage our good health, our work and school progress, and our relationships with family and friends.

But, I've got some great news.

As long as you're still breathing you can create the life you want.

Maybe it's not the life that you would have had if only....

But, you can figure out what your new normal is and create a big life. One that represents the you that you feel inside.

Maybe you've never told anyone else who you know you are and what's stopping you from becoming that person.

You might not even know what your greatness blocking story is.

You've found your tribe--welcome home

Now, there is a free online community that can help you figure it all out. A group of like-minded people who are on their own journeys to greatness.

In January, we will start an online meeting and a YouTube Channel with helpful videos. The New Normal - Big Life workshop series is held live, in Raleigh, NC on the second Wednesday of the month. Our location sometimes changes so go to the Events page to find out the meeting location and work with us virtually today.

We'll show you how to hack your hectic life.

Effectively manage your mental health.

Jumpstart a great new career or business and so much more.

In our free online community, we connect you with our global affiliates who will offer products and services at a discounted rate to our members.

You can find experts in the areas that you're the most challenged in. Some of our experts are also guest bloggers on this site so you can take advantage of asking questions in reply to a blog article.

We offer all of that for free and a supportive, private community where you can soar.

You have found your tribe!

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