"Dear Antoinette, Thank you so much for sharing your powerful story and describing your path to healing. As a fellow vet it gives me great confidence and courage to know I can handle similar issues and know that I am not alone. I applaud your honesty and transparency!!! Continued blessings...."

TRINA, New Normal - Big Life Workshop, 11/08/2017




"...I really wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed your work. I loved your transparency and the vivid scene you created building up to the turkey incident."

Suzanne, M. 3rd Wednesday Open Mic--Raleigh, NC 10/20/2017


A reading of an excerpt from Antoinette Lee Toscano's upcoming book 4-Hours to Live - Memoir of a Female Soldier.

"It is a pleasure to support our Veterans with the specialized and custom blog articles 

Antoinette has provided. Thank you again for the great photos, the visuals enhance the message so much. Also, giving us the SEO and short blog description helps to keep

our rankings high,  (Thank you again - you are a true professional!)"

We Hire Heroes

Antoinette has been a valuable voice in my creative ear. As my memoir takes shape, she has provided invaluable insight into character development, scene structure, a cohesive flow of chapters, and clarity of voice. "Feel it, smell it, see it", she would tell me. My writing has improved significantly from her mindful edits and this simple request to move the reader.

Author Elizabeth Torres Evans

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