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Sleep Away Depression and Anxiety

...I don’t beat myself up if I get a poor night’s sleep. I know that I’ve done all that I can to foster restorative sleep and I just try aga

Social Media and Good Mental Health

People don’t post photos of themselves on social media when they aren’t looking their best, feeling their best, or having a great time so do

Eating Close to the Earth

Having a mood disorder compounded by other health challenges means that I need to eat in a way that supports general health. I do this by ea

Commit to Overcoming Depression

Now that you’ve made the decision to commit to overcoming trauma, depression, anxiety, PTSD...create a strategy that touches the 3 areas tha


A person wanting to create or maintain good mental health needs to have good health habits in general. Here are two life hacks for a balance


Another way that caregivers and other family members are affected by PTSD is out of empathy or compassion.


Caregivers have needs too! As a person with a mood disorder like PTSD, or another health challenge, it's important to remember that the people that you live with have wants and needs too. If they feel that their needs are not being met it can cause them stress and really damage your relationship with your loved ones. I recommend that you quickly apologize as soon as you notice, or are told that you have hurt a loved one’s feelings, or if they complain about you trying to control “everything”. Remember that another person’s perception is their reality and it should be respected. If your child or partner tells you that you're trying to control everyone and that you get agitated when things are

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